Media roundup

I know it’s been slow around here for a few weeks, and that’s semi-intentional. I’ve been working on a few more in-depth pieces that have made it tougher to keep up the pace of posting.

That said, I haven’t been totally absent from the Internets. Here are a few places I’ve been mentioned or quoted lately:

  • The Freelancerthe in-house blog for content provider Contently, had a post up this week in which author Nicole Dieker asks whether or not freelancers should incorporate in 2018. I’m quoted a couple of times and it’s a good overview in general of the questions you should ask yourself before deciding to incorporate.
  • My piece “The W-2 Income Trap”, first posted on this site, was featured in an entrepreneurial edition of XY Planning Network’s Good Financial Reads. The piece was also reprinted as a guest post on The Freelancers Union’s in-house blog. Of all of my writing, I’m glad that post in particular is being spread around since it’s an aspect of the new tax law that’s been sorely underreported.

In other freelancer news, the investment-focused Animal Spirits podcast had an episode on March 7 with a discussion based off of the question, “should freelancers invest more conservatively than traditional employees because they may need to withdraw money to cover expenses?” Their answer, which I believe is the correct one, is that freelancers should keep more cash on hand – ideally enough to cover at least 6 months of expenses (though of course exactly how much depends on the individual) – but investment decisions, like anybody else, should be based on the investor’s time horizon (i.e. how long before you’ll use the money) and tolerance for risk (essentially how much of a decline you’re willing to absorb before pulling your money out of the investment).

Have you seen any good freelance-related material out there? Contact me to let me know about it.